Client Profile:

The Illinois Department of Public Health is responsible for protecting the health and welfare of 12.4 million state residents and visitors through the prevention and control of disease and injury. To track vaccines for children, the department employs a secure, voluntary immunization health record repository known as the Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange, or I-CARE.

I-CARE is a unified and integrated electronic immunization information Web Portal requiring ongoing data management, including both legacy DB2 and leading edge Oracle components. Maintaining a compatible bridge between DB2 and Oracle is essential, as is maintaining secure and compliant HL7 data exchange with organizations that send to and receive data from I-CARE.


Upp Technology data management personnel onsite have been responsible for all aspects of I-CARE database administration and support, including multi-platform Oracle DEV, TEST, PROD installations and upgrades, configuration, security and user administration, object creation and maintenance, event management, performance monitoring and optimization, reorgs, defragmentation, patch management, backup & recovery, troubleshooting and resolution, etc.

In supporting secure healthcare information exchange, Upp Technology subject matter experts in Oracle and DB2 data management have led departmental staff in the UNIX and Linux deployment of Oracle Data Guard and Oracle Label Security to protect tens of millions EHRs culled from hundreds of medical providers, in addition to coding